Similar to most American's Nelson started out in laboring jobs, followed by retail and shortly after marketing and sales. Most of which were able to provide him enough to get through college. With mounting student loans and credit card debt required living a life well below his means.  

At the age of 19 Nelson started his journey in Direct Sales and Network Marketing which helped him obtain a firm foundation for financial education in addition to personal development. After three years in the and six jobs, Nelson and a friend decided to start dabbling in new technologies which ultimately became one of the worlds first "Smartwatches". In 2013, Nelson decided to plant the flag of the Smartwatch in the heart of New York City on 5th avenue. With rumors of the Samsung and Apple products that were in development, Nelson looked to cash in on the space before both companies flooded the market and in 2014 Nelson decided to relinquish positions in the Smartwatch space to re-focus his attention on helping children and families.

As a child Nelson lived in many broken homes, going from place to place, in and out of the foster care system to a suburb in Central New Jersey where other children viewed Nelson as an outsider and treated him as such. Nelson was manipulated and bullied throughout both grade school and high school until his sophomore year making the varsity football team. Sports instilled much of the discipline, competitive nature and assertiveness he possess today while adding a firm foundation that would eventually compliment his business skills.

After being diagnosed with a heart condition in his Sophomore year of college his dream of playing professional football was stripped away but determined to succeed Nelson has not stopped to ensure that his passion for helping people evolves into a Fortune 100 company. To date Nelson has dedicated his life to personal and professional development while helping others find their passion by offering his experiences and expertise to people looking for a better way all over the world.