Nelson Stryker is CEO of Selfceed, which provides a platform for self-help enthusiasts to motivate each other to learn more and achieve more out of life now! He has spent a decade as a student of the self-help industry and has applied proven strategies in his life and 5,000+ hours in social work helping children and families overcome daily struggles. As of spring 2015 he's been working on a new book, "Selfceed to Success" which will share how using the concept of Selfceed can help others overcome obstacles and live their best life.  

In 2005, Nelson discovered a passion in becoming an entrepreneur getting his start in Network Marketing, selling legal services plans with an NJ law firm. Nelson found some success with the company and began investing into other industry including, wellness, wearable technology, green energy and employment agencies. In 2008, he became one of the pioneers in the infant Smartwatch industry before Sony, Samsung and Apple came to market.

As a young entrepreneur Nelson brushed shoulders with some of the most influential people in the world, including Les Brown and Joel Osteen. In 2012, Nelson's mother passed away at the age of 43 which ultimately changed the course of his life. With anger, sadness and frustration Nelson began to seek spiritual guidance in a book by Pastor Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life. Re-focusing his life on serving others he began to transition from technology and big business to mentoring, social work, motivational speaking and introducing others to the value of the self-help industry. In 2013, Nelson received his Life Coaching certification from a ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited agency in 2013 in preparing to serve children and families. A year later he sought out a non-profit organization to mentor at-risk youth which later transitioned to social work accumulating over 5,000+ hours in helping children and families overcome daily obstacles and economic challenges. 

Affiliations and Disclosures

  • Nelson is CEO of Selfceed
  • Nelson currently answers his own emails and operates all available social media accounts
  • Nelson can be booked for speeches through Amber Smith via our contact form
  • Nelson works out at L.A. Fitness centers across the United States and uses their products
  • Nelson's favorite charities that he contributes to are Children International and the Wounded Warriors Project
  • If you have any questions about anything Nelson sells, promotes or if you would like to recommend potential affiliates please contact Nelson via the contact form

Personal Note   

I am not big on bio's so I wanted to share a few things from my view. If you have struggled a great deal in your life it is truly difficult to put it all on a web page so I want to let those of you who have known of my work over the years that I am only alive or not in prison is because of this industry. When my mother passed away 2/21/12 I felt helpless, I felt weak and I felt sadness and anger like I never have. I fell victim to a real estate scam about 16 months prior which depleted my only savings account at the time so it left me very limited to funds. My mother lived in North Miami and in poverty and I only wanted to be successful enough so I could get her the help she needed. It took all of my training and skills to not react in a negative way towards this person that would jeopardize my future. So I am here to tell you no matter the size of the challenge or struggle you face, you can see through it and overcome that pain but without those skills, without personal development you can easily fall victim to that temptation and react without thought of consequence. I hope you will join me on this journey in helping others to discover this industry and practice self-help in your life today.