About Nelson

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Similar to most Americans I started out in laboring jobs.

Followed by retail and shortly after marketing and sales. Most of which were able to provide me enough to get through the college experience but my dreams were long gone.

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Starting a new career is intimidating, risky and may not be cheap.

People ask me questions all the time about how I became an entrepreneur, when did I start, how did I start and why I decided to choose the industries I am in today. Throughout all of them these were the most frequent.

I won’t be able to answer each of those questions here but what I will tell you is that I am hiring! On call videographers, editors and marketing professionals is currently what I am looking for. As far as the answers to those questions, fish around a little bit you’ll find them.

3 success keys


Although, religion should be #1, at 19 years of age one of the last things I was thinking about was my maker, our maker. I am a believer but at that time in my life it didn’t get me through the day to day struggle.


The cream of the crop in American high society have many things in common but the common denominator is an excellent education. Personal development and self education has catapulted my life from ordinary and average to extraordinary and abundance.


If we didn’t brush our teeth everyday, how could we expect our teeth to be in 30 days? Consistency was a major part of my success early on and continues to be something I work on daily.

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