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ugradnja silikona u grudima beograd Ballertag™ is the official pickup game app exclusively for basketball. Discover new courts nearby, schedule your own games, invite friends, grow your following and view court activity in realtime.

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oblik penisa Appreneur | Youth Speaker and Mentor | Philanthropist

Youth Speaking

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ajakplasztika With all of the constant distractions and economic pressures facing youth today, there has never been a much needed time for guidance, mentorship and encouragement.

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Life Coaching

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Duly Certified
Life Coach

One of the greatest experiences I've had working in professional development was attaining my Life Coaching Certification from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County.

Having an opportunity to learn from professionals who have worked coaching others through hardships for 30 years is truly an experience you can't put a price on.

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What is Life Coaching?

A Life Coach is someone who has achieved a level of success in their own lives who have sought out professional training to help others reach a goal or make lasting change. As opposed to therapy Life Coaches help paint a clear picture to the future and not going into the past.

For example, professional athletes do not compete without the insight and direction of well qualified coaches. Just as this process has been prevalent in America for about Century, to see how sports entertainment has grown, ordinary folks have adopted this philosophy and are achieving more.

Projects I Support

Operation Rebuild

Operation rebuild is a program that rebuilds damaged basketball courts in neighborhoods with a high poverty rate.


Ballertag aims to dedicate 10% of it's revenue into providing assistance to cities that lack the resources to replace damaged backboards, rims and pavement. We feel that all kids should enjoy access to play the game just as much as those of us who have always had this privilege. Please visit for more.

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